Our philosophy as System Partners of DATEV eG, Germany, is the same that inspired the creation of DATEV Germany in 1966 and SINFOPAC Spain in 1989: to offer products and services

"from professionals to professionals"

Our team at SINFOPAC INTERNACIONAL proposes to further meet the real needs of auditors and accountants; providing automated and efficient solutions. This has led to the development of a range of additional products and services for companies on several continents. For this reason we have been able to gain their trust.


Decades of experience developing solutions means that today we can proudly say that we continue to evolve and put ourselves at the disposal of our clients in order to offer an efficient way to carry out their daily tasks, implementing quality solutions and technologies used by large firms.


Provide the best technology, advice and guidance to successfully face the demanding exercise of auditing in current national and international frameworks.

We develop software with best audit practices, updated content and a great analytical and methodological approach, which helps the accounting professional to focus on what really matters.


Be a reference and guarantee that the auditors provide security in the markets. From professionals to professionals, creating a future. Together!

Strategic alliances

International agreements to empower and benefit the professionals

Half a century innovating

"Some laughed at us, doing accounting on mainframe computers. And then, laughed at us on how we were photographed in front of the Hauptmarkt in 1966."

Dr. Heinz Sebiger - DATEV eG Co-founder
  • 2014 - Datev and Sinfopac reaffirm ties consolidating a new partnership agreement that will allow them to provide a better coverage in the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America and Africa
  • 2013 - The international presence of the company and the expectations for the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) implementation, involve the creation of international work papers WP ISA
  • 2011 - A collaboration agreement is signed for the support and development of the eLearning platform for the “Instituto de Censores de Cuentas de España” (ICJCE)
  • 2010 - After consolidating its presence in the peninsular market, DATEV SINFOPAC begins its natural expansion into Latin American markets
  • 2007 - SINFOPAC gets in touch with DATEV eG from Germany, a European leader in business services and professional development solutions. From this union, the SINFOPAC DATEV, S.L. is born
  • 2000 - DATEV begins its expansion in Europe, starting with the Czech Republic and continuing in Poland, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia
  • 1993 - The software evolves and is renamed CJC-AUDITOR, quickly becoming a success
  • 1991 - The “Instituto de Censores Jurados de Cuentas de España” (ICJC) is interested in the SINFOPAC initiative and acquires the rights for exploitation and dissemination of the software between the professionals attached to the institute
  • 1990 - The first version of AUDIPAC audit software is released
  • 1988 - SINFOPAC, S.A. begins its journey in the city of Barcelona, Spain
  • 1966 - DATEV is founded in Nuremberg as a cooperative called Datev eG