Happy Birthday DATEV!

DATEV was founded on February 14th 1966 and is therefore celebrating its 50th anniversary.


50 years of success. Let's have a look upon the most important highlights of the company's history:

  • 1966: Foundation of the cooperative with the aim of supporting tax consultants with their accounting tasks. The use of state-of-the art Information Technology was the key to the success and turned DATEV into one of the biggest software companies and IT service providers in Europe.
  • 1969: The positive development of memberships require a faster and secure data processing and make it feasible to set up an own data center. The data center was inaugurated by the Federal Minister of Finance Mr. Franz Josef Strauß and remains until today to be one of the most important and successful pillars of the company.
  • 1976: Ten years after its foundation, DATEV develops and sets up its own network for electronic data transmission between tax consultants' offices and the DATEV data center.
  • 1990: Due to the German reunification DATEV establishes its first Information Center in the new German federal states: Dresden (1990), Schwerin (1990), Leipzig (1991), Magdeburg and Erfurt (1992).
  • 1999: DATEV faces one of its biggest challenges: converting their software programs from DOS to the 32 bit operating system Windows. 
  • 2000: DATEV taps into new markets within the European Union. Until today the cooperative is represented in nine European countries and abroad.
  • 2011: Enlargement of the DATEV computer center. With the extension, DATEV fulfills the growing demand of data center-based services such as cloud computing and application service providing (ASP), IT security and data storage solutions, and IT sourcing.
  • 2015: DATEV opens up a new building for their development departments called DATEV IT-Campus 111.

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