DS Audit

DATEV SINFOPAC Audit is a comprehensive platform, designed for the auditing work by professionals from several European countries whose aim is to meet the requirements of the legislative harmonization of international inspiration, and the International Standards on Auditing ISAs and International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS, to ensure consistency and quality in the work of auditors in different countries, respecting their language and particularities.

  • Audit objectives - ISA 210
  • Audit acceptance - ISA 210, 220 and 230
  • Audit planning - ISA 300 and 320
  • Internal Control - ISA 315 and 400
  • Risks - ISA 240, 250, 315, 550 and 570
  • Materiality - ISA320
  • Analytical procedures - ISA 315
  • Reports - ISA 700 and 720
  • Quality Control - ISA 220 and NCCI-1 (ISQC-1)
  • Facilities possible:

    • Local
    • Peer to Peer
    • Client-Server
    • Cloud
With DATEV SINFOPAC Audit you can automate the capture process of accounting data (whether interim or final), plan your work, facilitate the process of knowledge of the organization, assess the various risks and internal control, perform the corresponding analytical review, risk interrelation and materiality, as well as create, demonstrate and document the working papers in an electronic digital record. In this very special way, you can meet the requirements of the regulations applicable to the entity and the industry in which it operates, making conclusions based on objective formulas to support the professional judgment of the auditor.

Each step is performed in a single central program. You do not need to jump from one product to another, or become familiar with various applications. From planning to delivering your opinion and reports. ALL IN ONE TOOL!

File and Document Management
- Document Management System per customer per year
- Wide variety of Working Papers
- Possibility of customizing Working Papers and Procedures
- Automation of documents

Working papers integrated in the program
- Full integration of the working papers
- Work control systems
- Ready for quality control
- Easy to expand and link external and internal documents
- Possibility of customization to the needs of each audit

Monitoring Audit
- Control of work and time of work done / to be done
- Change control system and history tracking
- Quality control by semaphore logic processes
- Audit findings cataloging system

Automation Report
- Easy creation and without error sources of reports and memory
- Possibility of personalization

Processor: Intel Core i5, AMD FX4
Hard disk: available space 250 GB
Network adapter: Gigabit Ethernet
Windows 7 (32 / 64 bits): Professional with SP1, Enterprise with SP1 or Ultimate with SP1
Windows 8.1 (64 bits): Professional with Update 1 or Enterprise with Update 1
Windows 10 (64 bits): Pro or Enterprise
Microsoft Office: 365 full desktop installation, 2007 with SP3, 2010 with SP2 or 2013 with SP1

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